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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 22, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on kt channel 2. >> people shot on the street corner. two confirmed dead. good evening. >> we begin tonight with developing news on the peninsula where police are hunting for a gunman following a mass shooting. it happened in south san francisco a couple of blocks west of highway 101. ktvu's ken wayne is live on the scene with late details on what happened, ken? >> reporter: frank, we're at
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lyndon avenue allege 7th lane. if you look over my shoulder behind me, you can see officers gathered in front of the bring building. the coroner is also here on the scene. we want to pan the camera right, you can see an alley way and a small white house are crime tape and bushes there. behind the french corner where the bodies are. that happened at 7:14 when police got numerous calls of shots fired. we have late video of the scene where bodies are found. it looks like a body. when police responded they found several people laying in the street. two of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene, the others taken to san francisco general hospital. we heard from a police sergeant a few minutes ago, she said the first calls came in at 7:14
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tonight. >> we arrived. we found two or three people laying in the alleyway on 8th lane. we have a total of six shots, two are deceased, one in critical condition, and three have non-life threatening injuries. >> reporter: we heard from a couple of relativings who say the third victim in critical condition died. there may be three fatalities in this shooting. this may or may not be gang related, but talking to some of the people here, they say there have been ongoing problems between people in this neighborhood and some other people in nearby san bruno. >> talking about the people that we think did it to our other friends, san bruno. we're not sure. >> reporter: are they in a
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gang? >> yes. >> what gang? >> i don't know. >> they are not giving us information. her own son is suffering in there, they don't want to let her know. that's your mom. it's frustrating. >> reporter: police are looking for a 2000 or 2002 year brown chevy impala with tinted windows. police say they should be considered armed and dangerous, and police say anyone with information on these three suspects should give them a call. police, again, are not saying that this is gang related, but apparently there was an incident here about 7 months ago that may be behind this. some of the people who live here say there are troubles between south san francisco nortaneo gang members and san bruno gang members. they said they should be coming out sometime in the next hour
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or so with more information. we'll have an update when we get it and a live report at 10:30. "ktvu channel 2 news." homicide detectives say a man found shot in the head on monday has died. the victim is identified as 24 year old arnold mucalroy of pittsburgh. he got into a 2-door, 1990s green escort where several people were waiting for him. mucalroy was shot almost immediately and pushed in the street where officers found him. the highway patrol is trying to unravel the mysteries surrounding a death of a man today. the chp says a driver spotted the 21 year old of windsor about 1:30 this morning. police say ramirez was laying on the highway and barely alive. he died a short time after authorities arrived on the scene.
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initially it was thought he had a gun shot wound to his leg, but police later determined it was a compound fracture. they have not ruled out foul play. results of an autopsy are pending toxicology reports. three motels a crack down on prostitution. it's not police cracking down this time, it's the city attorney. ville vargas has this story. -- jim vargas. >> reporter: police who live and work say prostitutes are able to do their trade because of motel operators. the city attorney is filing civil lawsuits against the hotels. >> these three motels function more or less openly as hubs of prostitution. this is happening right in the middle of resident issue neighborhoods. >> reporter: he is suing the
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national lodge and economy and the sage motel in east oakland. he says for years the operators have done little to help prostitution from flourishing. he says he's trying to stop prostitution in his hotel. >> absolutely no prostitution. we've been wanting help from the city or police. i guess they've been trying to shut it down for years. they don't want to see the business running. >> reporter: the district attorney says many of the prostitutes are underaged girls. >> human pacificking is the modern form of savory. >> reporter: they complain of noise and drugs, but most won't talk on camera. >> 14 or 16 years i've said wow, lot of problems here in the street. a lot of problems. >> reporter: officials say the time for negotiation is over. the only way for these motels to avoid fines or closures is
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to start complying with the demands, including putting up gates at the entrances. ville vargas "ktvu channel 2 news." the rainy weather tapered off, but in southern california, wide spread problems today. flood waters caused severe damage to this bridge and nearby homes were damaged by thick mud. in neighboring riverside county, the runways at corona airport were swamped by heavy rain. workers spent the day towing planes from the flood waters. the airport is shut down until further notice. a similar scene in san diego. guests were evacuated by a swift water rescue team when more than 2 feet of water flooded the hotel. streets nearby looked like rivers with cars partially submerged and workers using pitchers to drain the field. they are racing against the clock of the the stadium is set to host a bowl game tomorrow.
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in northern arizona, flood waters ripped homes off their foundations. as many as five houses washed away. massive flooding also taking a toll in nevada, submerging neighborhoods and causing evacuations. dumping record amounts of snow in the sierra. one man found himself shoveling several feet of snow off his rooftop. some 15 feet of snow fell over the past four days, something one worker called absurd for november. at this point, no chains are needed, but conditions can change. in the valley, cal tran shut down a portion because of flooding. we have seeing a break tonight. it is bound to change. bill martin is tracking more rain for christmas. the forecast coming up in the
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next 15 minutes. three beaches offlimits because of bacteria corral contamination. aquatic and lake shore parks have unsafe levels of bacteria. rock away beach was initially closed but reopened today. brownish water gushed today on the beach, the same place where 3200-gallons of raw sewage flowed into the ocean on sunday. tests revealed unsafe levels of e. coli contamination and bacteria. >> i didn't know that. i think i surfed that day. the water was brown, i thought it was a red tide. i guess not. >> officials will decide whether to reopen after the latest test results back tomorrow. san jose, officials shut
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down the park after a by product of methane gas was released into a creek. the release went into the creek at the northern end of the park. the park department also closed a few trails until further notice. we have new information involving a story we brought you last night. crews have discovered more leaks this a levy north of highway 37. they were discovered after last night's repair of a different leak. crews spent the day sand bagging the levy and plan to watch it closely. the water agency says the leaks are located above the high tide mark. before a jubilant crowd, president obama signed into law the repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays in the military. >> thank you mr. president. >> you're welcome.
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this is done. >> they stood by the president's side during today's signing. brought before discharge hearings under the "don't ask, don't tell," but she fought back and prevailed. >> i don't think anything can make up completely what people's experiences have been under the policy. but it reaffirms we're on the right side of justice. >> since 1993, 14,000 service members have been kicked out. today, president obama urged them to reenlist. there is new information about jerry brown's upcoming inauguration as governor. a spokesman told ktvu news they haven't determined how many tickets will be available to the public, but the event will be streamed live over the internet. today brown's transition team announced the inauguration will be at 11:00 a.m. january 3 at the sacramento
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memorial auditorium. break in the weather tonight, but for how long? bill martin has tomorrow's forecast in less than 10 minutes. it's been a happy holiday season for retailers, and the shopping isn't done yet. experts say the next couple of days could be the busiest of the season, second only to black friday. it's called a booze cruise on wheels. one ended tragically for a bay area teenager. now his family and a local lawmaker want to crack down on those party buses.
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new numbers out tonight signal a brig jump in -- big jump in holiday spending. shoppers jammed stores, malls, and online sites last weekend pushing retail up 5.5% compared to last year on the final weekend before christmas. total sales topped $15 billion on friday, saturday, sunday according to a retail analyst company. allie is live at san mateo hills million. >> on a wednesday night any other full-time of year this place -- time of year this place would be empty, but there are still cars coming in and out of the parking lot. a lot of shoppers with bags in hand, and overall, experts say it's been a very happy holiday for retailers.
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>> i got him rue doll of. he lights up. >> with their shopping complete, this family admits they were ready to splurge this year. >> i did actually leave my job a couple of weeks ago and i'm still spending the same amount i was planning on spending. >> that's because she feels good about the future. >> i think we've been blessed and we'll be just fine. >> they were not the only shoppers feeling confident. >> my company had a really good quarter, and so i think that things will be looking good from a financial standpoint. >> reporter: at this charity gift wrapping station, volunteers say they've noticed more big ticket items this year. >> i have probably wrapped at least ten ipads. that's just me. there's a lot of us wrapping. >> if people are willing to spend that extra for gift wrapping, must mean they are more comfortable with, you know, their finances. >> reporter: unemployment remains high, golden gate
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university consumer psychologist says shoppers have gotten over the shock of recession. yes, there was great fear and great trauma and there's still a lot of great suffering, but we've adjusted and consumers i think now feel like they don't need to panic. >> reporter: retailers are capitalizing on consumer's new- found sense of security. this year, stores have responded by offering more conservative discounts. >> 25%, 30%, sometimes 50% off. their margins stay better, they make a little bit more profit. >> reporter: and spending is expected to continue according to a poll. christmas eve is supposed to be the busiest shopping day this week. another survey predicts tomorrow will be the busiest shopping day second only to black friday. live, allie rasmus "ktvu channel 2 news." local governments are also getting a boost. the state says the sales tax revenue it distributes to bay
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area cities and counties is up about 10% from last year. new figures released shows a slightly greater rate of growth than previously thought. the economy grew at a rate of 2.6% in the third quarter. that's .10 higher than previousliest mated. the improvement comes from businesses beefing up their inventories. that kept the wall street rally go today. rising bank stocks also helped of the the dow gained 26 points, nasdaq up 3. a local higher ordinance in san francisco is drawing county where officials are lobbying to get it vetoed. half of those hired for san francisco construction projects must live in the city. construction workers will are urging the mayor to sign the ordinance in the law. it was approved last week, but
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the board of supervisors say it would hurt the entire bay area economy by discriminating against workers that don't live in san francisco. >> everybody is out of work. 25-30 35% unemployment. in these tough times, we should be working together. >> reporter: san francisco's mayor has until friday. his spokesperson told ktvu today the mayor is still evalwaiting the measure. chicago firefighters are mourning two of their own. this morning, firefighters were called to a building that was burning. they went inside, that's when the roof collapsed, trapping four firefighters, two of whom died. 17 other firefighters were injured. later in the day, you see here, firefighters saluted the ambulance carrying the bodies of their colleagues. the drunken driver that killed three people last year
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was hit with a stiff sentence today. he was given the maximum sentence of 51 years to life in prison. he was convicted back in september of charges that included second-degree murder. his blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when he crashed into a car carrying aidenhart and three friends. they are called a booze cruise. they are anything but fun. their son got drunk on a party bus, then drove his car into a sound wall and died. his family are demanding changes so something like that never happens again. janet has our report. >> reporter: online web ads show a party on wheels with music, lights, dance poles, and often alcohol. they drive around town.
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last february, bret studebaker died in a crash after being on a party bus drive. today they joined the highway patrol jerry hill as hit former elementary school calling for a crackdown on all party bus operators. >> he was dropped off at 2:00 a.m. in the morning, basically to fend for himself. >> assembly bill 45 would verify each passenger's age. drivers would face fines of $2,000 or more, have their license revoked or face misdemeanor charges: >> before they take the trip, they find out who's on board, get their age and if they are minors, they have to sign an agreement. >> reporter: many party bus companies say their contracts already forbid underage drinking. they say the liability should be with the adult who signs the contract, not the bus driver.
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>> instead of focusing on their driver, they are looking over their shoulder to make sure nobody under 21 is drinking. that is a safety concern. as for the company, we went to the address listed on the website, but there was no office. just a store with post office boxes. the company attorney told us over the phone the studebaker family is suing for wrongful death but would not comment on the lawsuit. "ktvu channel 2 news." the clearing out there now. break between weather systems. the story tonight will be the fog. i have fog now isn't the santa rosa area, with that in mind, your morning travel could be a bit of a hassle. overnight lows are cool in the mid-30s. you have fog in most of those north bay and inland bay
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valleys. it will be dense too. tomorrow morning, get going. maybe out towards clayton. then by lungtime, it -- lunchtime it lifts. later in the day, up to 58 degrees in some of the warmest spots. when i come back, the latest computer model, the holiday weekend, there's rain in the forecast. details on that in a minute. the obama administration today responded to freshly- raised concerns about chromium 6 turning up in tap water including in the bay area. it's concerned about the compound. the epa expects to complete a risk assessment next year, then be in a position to set safe drinking water standards. new developments tonight in a vicious pit bull attack. why a man is sure this is one of the dogs responsible. disturbing discovery here
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at an east bay park. see what clues police are working with.
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oakland police need help in determining the identity of a homicide victim we're calling jane doe. the woman's body was discovered yesterday afternoon by a bird watcher at a shoreline park near the oakland airport. amber lee is live on thscene tonight with details, amber? >> reporter: frank, the unidentified woman was discovered here at martin luther king regional shoreline park. who she was and who killed her are among the many questions police are trying to answer. on a clear winter night, it is peaceful here at the pond, a mood that belies the violent way jane doe was killed. she was found yesterday
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afternoon. a source told us her throat was slit, she suffered gun shot wounds and defensive knife wounds on one arm. the killer left her in an undignified state. chest exposed, blouse pulled down to her waist and pants also pulled down. an unopened condom of found at the scene. investigators say a crucial step in finding her killer is finding out her identity. >> find out who she was living with, why she was here. what her last movements were. that helps the investigation. >> reporter: jane doe appears to be a heavy set african american woman in her 20s or 30s. her body remains at the alameda county coroner's office where a sergeant told us an autopsy will be conducted tomorrow. the rain may have washed away all evidence, but not all clues such as dna. >> especially things inside her body and under her fingernails.
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>> reporter: it's unclear whether she was killed here or her body dumped on the rocks? police and crime stoppers are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. amber lee, "ktvu channel 2 news." with christmas a couple of days away, travelers are making their way to local airports. san francisco international, low visibility caused many flight delays between 8 this morning and 4:30 this afternoon. the duty manager didn't have an estimate how many passed through today, but yesterday was one of its busiest of the year with 119,000 travelers. many passengers really dislike having to take off their shoes at security checkpoints. a poll released today found more passengers responded negatively about going shoeless than receiving a patdown. the poll did not say how many
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had been patted down. 2,000 said they'd fly more often if security was less introduce iand less -- intrusive and time consuming. two people shot, at least two are dead. more information coming up in a live report. which cars are this year's top safety picks? the cars heading the list might surprise you.
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an update on tonight's top story. a mass shooting in south san francisco. six people shot, at least two are dead. ken wayne says relatives at the scene tell him a third victim died at the hospital. ken just spoke with a sister of two of the victims. he's standing by with new information on this developing story, ken? >> reporter: we're getting
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conflicting information on the status of the third victim. now we're hearing that person may be alive. you can see investigators still trying to find evidence near 8th lane, an alley behind where that officer is with a flash light. that's where two of the bodies were located. we'll show you videotape of that area, it's called 8th lane, it's more of an alleyway. two bodies are in the alleyway. 6 people were standing in that area when gun fire rang out about 7:14 this evening. officers responded and found six people down in the street. we talked with a woman who said two of the victims are her brothers. >> my two brothers got shot. one in the leg, thank god he's alive. not my second brother. he's 19 years old. the cops are always after him since he was 13 years old. now he's killed instead of cops
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protecting him, they don't. look what happened now. >> reporter: police are looking for 52000-2002 brown chevy impala with three male latino suspects in the vehicle who should be considered armed and dangerous. police are not saying this is a gang-related shooting, but some of the residents say they believe it is. police do say they have had gang issues with two gangs two live here and nearby. once again, a complicated shooting scene with at least two dead, one critical, and three other victims, gun shot victims at general hospital in san francisco. live in south san francisco, ken wayne, "ktvu channel 2 news." the oakland city council says it hopes to address concerns about the legality of licensing large-scale medical marijuana grow operations. the council voted last night to
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suspend the application process after the county district attorney warned those operations might be illegal and that council members might be prosecuted. the city had been planning to license several large scale medical marijuana grow operations. oakland is going national in its search for a city administrator. gene quan wants the search to find as many candidates as possible. the new administrator will replace dan lynnhime. two foreign auto companies led the way in the latest safety ratings. hyundai, kia and audi. overall, 60 vehicles earned top honors. to check if your car made the list, go to the "right now"
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section of the home page. honda is recalling 7,000 sedans and suvs because of a possible front suspension failures. the recall covered 2010-2011 accords and pilots in the united states. honda says problems with the machinery may cause the front suspension to fail. the company says it expects to notify owners this week. oil prices on the upswing. today the price of a barrel of crude oil closed above $90. the price has risen 11% in the last month. between low supply and speculation, there is enough momentum for the price to top $100 a barrel. . skype is working to restore service. customers have been unable to use the service because of technical problems. users were unable to connect with each other when its version of an online phonebook went offline. the man who chased off two
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pit bulls attacking a woman made a positive identification on one of those dogs. that dog is locked up and facing an uncertain future. the other dog hasn't been found. robert honda reports. >> reporter: a 70-pound male pit bull is being held after being captured last night roaming the ever green neighborhood where two pit bulls attacked a woman outside her home monday evening. today juan valencia, the man who chased the dogs away came to the shelter to help officers identify the dog. after a 15 minute visit, he said he recognized the dog by its collar, appearance, and demeanor. >> the size of the dog, cropped ears, he's intimidated, he's afraid of me. >> reporter: officers point out the dog has marks on his head
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as well as wounds. >> there was some minor injury on the dog's -- above the dog's left eye, which would be consistent with the lady's version of hitting the dog with her key. >> reporter: susan spent the day getting medical treatment. she says she has muscle and nerve damage. she's relieved the dog has been captured. >> right now i know i'm scared to come outside. very scared to come outside. every time i need to look for -- yeah, uh-huh. very scared. >> reporter: with one pit bull identified, the search resumes for the other. >> is there a feeling the dog is being hidden by somebody right now? >> that is a possibility. quite frankly i was surprised the second dog was out there still loose. >> i feel sorry for the poor dog. but i feel more bad for the lady. >> reporter: the dog will be thoroughly examined by a doctor to evaluate the health and wounds, then be quarantined for
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ten days to check for rabies. after that, the dog will stay here until the second dog is found or owner comes forward. "ktvu channel 2 news." a call for crime cameras in one neighborhood. residents say they'll put up more money themselves if the city doesn't. a little bit of a dry out today. the fog is forming already in the napa and santa rosa area. and a shot of rain. see you back here. it's called a san jose tradition. could this be the last christmas in the park?
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street crime has community leaders in oakland's china town looking to add security cameras around a popular recreation center. residents tell us crimes such as purse snatching, gambling and fights are increasing near the rec center. they are worried the children and senior citizens could become victims. the city doesn't want to spend the $20,000 it would cost, so the asian advisory committee on crime is trying to raise the money itself. >> we have seen people robbed. there's something minor, but sometimes it could elevate to something serious.
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>> some business owners in the neighborhood have already installed cameras at their stores. they say it is helping. in iraq, christian leaders are canceling most christmas activities after al qaeda threatened more attacks. 52 people were killed at a baghdad church in october. one iraqi archbishop said christians should celebrate only with prayers. ? afghanistan, the top medical officer being removed after u.s.-donated medicines have been disappearing. the u.s. has donated $42 million worth of medical goods to the afghan military this year. it is not known how much of that has disappeared. an alameda company announced it has recalled 200 million diabetes test strips. avid diabetes care is recalling
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blood glucose test strips. they may give false low results. customers who have test strips covered by the recall should stop using them. they will replace the test strips for free. for a full list of the strips named, go to our website,, and click on web links. just days before christmas, the annual san francisco firefighters toy drive is in need of more toys. tonight, organizers told us compared to this time last year, they have 15-17,000 fewer toys on hand to give away. although that might seem a lot, they haven't had to turn anyone away yet. the economy is putting a strain on many families. >> first priority is not to get toys to their kids, it's getting rent and food. >> there is a particular need for toys for girls, and there is a need for sports equipment.
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he rides a horse every day along bay area roads. the family tragedy that's made a horse his only transportation for more than ten years. how will rain affect your holiday weekend? bill martin has the holiday forecast coming up.
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over the years, millions have seen christmas in the park. it includes a little bit of everything for families. as popular as it is, it may not last. lloyd is in san jose tonight to explain. lloyd? >> reporter: julie, the holiday season is a time for traditions. this is one of the most venerable ones in the south bay. christmas in the park is an event of lights, displays, and activities. but this year besides christmas carols, there's a call for
10:46 pm
donations. >> help save christmas in the park, keep the tradition alive. >> reporter: a tradition that began as a front yard display in the 1950s is now facing the real possibility of the lights going dark. san jose facing a $19 million budget deficit next year is cutting the $200,000 it gives to christmas in the park along with other support. >> this is the new reality that big cities are facing throughout the country. everyone is cutting, and they are cutting really beyond the bone at this point. >> reporter: some visitors tonight remember coming to christmas in the park as a child, and now they are bringing their own children. >> it's a tradition. when i think of san jose, i think of christmas in the park. how could they not have this place? >> they need this. it shows community. look at all the families out
10:47 pm
here tonight. >> i like to look at the lights. >> reporter: after new years, supporters of christmas in the park will launch a fundraising campaign seeking support from corporations, businesses, and the public to continue the tradition. it is expected 450,000 people will visit christmas in the park this season. if everyone just gave $1, it would be more than enough to ensure all of this will be back again next year and still be free. live in san jose, "ktvu channel 2 news." >> parents took home free toys today from the salvation army's toy and joy shop in san francisco. volunteers guided parents down aisles full of gifts ranging from toys, games, to sporting goods. many appreciate the program because they get to choose the perfect gift for their children. a man uses an old-fashioned form of transportation because of a family tragedy that
10:48 pm
changed his life forever. he has vowed to never get behind the wheel again. instead, you see him there. the two can be seen hitting the streets of santa rosa on a daily basis. in 1997, he was struck by a drunk driver in florida. the crash killed his wife and son and put him in a coma for three days. >> i'm afraid of being in a car. because of the accident, i'm fearful of being in the car. it scares me. >> whitehead says the tragedy has made him a better man. he says one of the best life lessons he learned of to forgive the man responsible for that fatal crash. in the weather story tonight, not rain, cooler. certainly a lot cooler. 30s. the fog is forming right now in napa, up in the alexander valley. temperatures and dew points in
10:49 pm
the 40s. temperature at napa at 46 degrees. fog showing up near fairfield as well. that's the weather story tonight as we go through the next 48 hours. fog will be in the nights and morning forecast. the issue is travel time. a lot of folks heading out of town, big holiday weekend. the central valley gets dicey. you know that. between 4:00 a.m. and 7 or 8:00 a.m. in the morning, that's when it's at its worst. dry tomorrow, rain showers in the weekend forecast. show the computer model in a minute. there it goes. there's your break. all the rain we've been getting, wet weather pattern, very productive. you get a break like this, two- daybreak. bring on another five or six inches. that's not going to happen. impressive pacific ocean, very active. this area spinning another system our way. the fog shows up the next
10:50 pm
couple of days. bakersfield north to chico. this system ts up for the weekend. lingers through sunday. here's the computer model. the most recent one. thursday, not a bad day. rain offshore, look what happens saturday. pretty impressive-looking system. saturday lunchtime, it's getting wet. rain is starting, especially in the north bay. here's saturday evening. it's going off in the mountains so you know. saturday evening travel, not advised based on this forecast right now. then probably sunday morning dicey as well, then taper off on sunday. in the mountains, friday, mostly cloudy, snow starts saturday evening and lasts through sunday, sunday morning certainly. be prepared as you travel around tomorrow, mid-50s, 57 in san jose, 58 in morgan hill and a 5-day forecast that looks like this, dry one pretty much.
10:51 pm
saturday looks like the main event. sures saturday and -- showers saturday and sunday. right now the mountains are going to be dicey to travel. >> the snow they have gotten, so crazy. >> rainy christmas. thanks, bill. more developing news where a woman was struck and killed while walking on interstate 80. officers are still on the scene between redwood and tennessee streets. they say before the woman was hit they'd seen reports of a person walking on the highway wrapped in a blanket and waving her arms. the name of the victim hasn't been released. the driver of the car that hit the woman was stopped and he was not cited. two coaches going for huge milestones tonight. one made it, one didn't. mark is up next with sports. lightning fast. lightning strong.
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an 8 year old, 3-foot long his saturday is in her -- lizard is in her new home. the rain forest exhibit. this lizard is said to be the only member of her species currently living in california. mark joins us now to tell us about a big milestone for a
10:55 pm
local coach. >> legendary coach. top of the line for years. she's a big reason for that success as well. tonight bearing some of the fruit with the 800th coaching victory of her year. it was a breeze. 100-45 over usf. in berkeley tonight, mike montgomery looking for the 600th coaching triumph of his career. not going to happen. very physical. morris ejected, elbowing harper camp. after that, cal on an 11-0 run. the undefeated kansas group goes on to win rather easily. josh shelby driving. great quickness. up on the offensive rebound for thomas robinson. ku wins it, another night for mike montgomery for that
10:56 pm
milestone win. not the bowl game by any means boise state had in mind. that one loss dropped the broncos out of the bcs picture and into the macco bowl in vegas. a lot of tension there of the restrained by an assistant coach prior to the game, all jacked up and ready to go. as for the game, not a thriller. boise state, will roll 84 yards. best play of the game right there. boise state, 26-3. utah comes up way short in that one. a much more prominent bowl game awaits the stanford cardinal. puts them in the orange bowl against virginia tech. andrew luck will not announce his decision of whether or not he'll enter the nfl draft in the spring until after the game. in the meantime he wants to enjoy the entire bowl game experience. >> we're excited to be in the
10:57 pm
orange bowl. i remember growing up and watching the game in miami just like watching the rose bowl. wouldn't it be cool someday. we're excited about the orange bowl. >> he'd look good in a 49er uniform probably. in the meantime, 49er fans who have been on the edge of their seats waiting for coach singletary to announce his starting quarterback can lay back and relack. to the surprise of no one, troy smith will start against the rams. do or die for the 49ers for those who believe they are the playoff team. that's the sporting life for a wednesday night. >> they keep going back and forth between mr. smith and mr. smith. >> as long as it's smith, they are in good hands. >> thanks, mark. be sure to join the ktvu morning news at 5:00 a.m. we'll have the latest on the mass shooting in south san francisco which left at least two people dead tonight.
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>> coverage continues online at thanks for joining us. have a good night.
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